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Is Waven a disappointment?

Par Cupidojj 12 Septembre 2020 - 16:34:05

I have a large community and a lot of followers and everyone had the same impression.

Lack of strategy in Waven, unlike Dofus and Wakfu that I felt playing chess, Waven I feel playing a boring game.

Wakfu and Dofus all abilities have range.

Dofus and Wakfu was a strategic chess game where the horse walks in L the rook moves forward and to the side and the bishop diagonally.

In Waven you place the mouse over the opponent and play the skill.

All skills are like that and this is boring.

Fix it because the difference of this game is to play chess much more fun.

the graphic is perfect the idea of ​​the cube is perfect, fix the gameplay that the game will be perfect.

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At the beta test we was 3 to test it, pvp and pve, and we really like it a lot. Its not dofus, it's different game. To play dofus, there is dofus.. 

Plus the game is still in progress, It's a little bit soon to have that kind of judgment on my opinion. 

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According to the previous alphas i tested waven seems to bring a new way of gameplay based on one important thing efficiency = simplicity. The features developped are quite hidden for now but i appreciated the light interface of the game, the short description of the various abilities, effects and other spells, large enough to speak of optimisation and fun in the deck building without breaking your head for hours to read a combat effect novel.

The disapearence of the range of abilities may disturb more than you but it offer a new way of reflexion. You don't have to use anymore a spell because you only can launch him but because you want this spell used at this time in your strategy. Furthermore it is counterbalanced with the new system of body and mixted with a good level of shifting allowing to watch carefully our movement to punish without being punished waven is closer of the chess than you think.

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I agree with swyyt on the simplicity of the game mechanics, but I also agree with Cupidojj on the lack of "range" which cards can be used. In theory, adding effective range to cards would be a net positive for balancing the cards and could make positioning, board placement and turn order a key part of strategy in Waven.
I think the inclusion of range in cards in a similar fashion to Dofus and Wakfu could bring new strategic elements to the table and balance cards which seem too powerful.
For example, let's say there's an enemy out of range for a certain card, but you could move without attacking to get in range, do you move your character and forego your attack or do you instead focus on the opponent's companions and save your mana for later, do you use your higher range weaker card or blow your good card on a companion? A range mechanic would add more strategical depth to the game, but make it tougher to balance...

I disagree with Waven being boring, though, the game seems polished and is well designed even in closed alpha. Chess is a much different game, it's all about learning strategies and adapting your play. There's no rpg elements or adventure in chess. Comparing the two on the basis of one having a higher skill ceiling and floor seems unfair. Hell, Waven even has card game elements, so there's rng in play too. I don't think Waven is made for the hardcore competitive strategy game players like the chess pros and that's not a problem for most players who just like strategic rpgs in general.

When you write about Waven being a disappointment, your complaints seem to be about the lack of strategic elements in the core gameplay, so you should change the title of your post to reflect that...

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I have a large community (3 people) and a lot of followers (3 people) and everyone had the same impression. 


Everybody who thinks waven is an easy game aren't able to play a good game of waven coz they're too bad for this. That's why you think this. 
The fact that spells don't have range for the most isn't something that make thé game easier but faster coz u Can set up your gameplan since turn 1.

Fix your mindset and u'll find waven gameplay much more deeper.

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Also, if you are careful enough ... In fact, there are already some spells with range... (A spell that can only be used in front of our hero, or on our hero) Like the explosion of Xelor (last fire spell) or the charges of Iop. This strategy is there in small part. And in my opinion it's already correct.

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