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(Unofficial) English Waven Discussion!

Par Delaz 06 Août 2019 - 16:51:20

Good day to all English speaking Waven players. Some may know me from Waktu(Ledur Edgoh or Rudel from Dathura). Wanted to create this thread to be a hub for all the English speakers playing this amazing game Ankama has brewing. So, feel free to post complaints/ideas/builds/find English players to do 2 v 2 ladder matches together/etc

Some Great English Resources:
Full Translation of Spells/Class/UI/ETC

Small Plug as well!

What's up my fellow Waven players. Been an active player of previous Ankama games such as Dofus and Wakfu(Well know endgame Sacrier before I retired) and decided I wanted to get into stream/youtubing waven content. Currently top 50 in the world and will be grinding for top 30 tomorrow. Please check out my channel and subscribe/like/comment!



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Would be nice to get an official English forums... 

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