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Eliatrope and Dragon Class Suggestion

Par Quatiama#3196 28 Janvier 2023 - 15:57:19
It would be wonderful if in Waven we had the addition of the Eliatropes (since the Eliotropes no longer exist during the Waven era) and it would make sense that the Eliatropes had already returned to the World of Twelve after the events of Wakfu season 4.
Taking the opportunity, I would also like to see an unprecedented class of dragons. I know that theoretically only the council of 6 have dragon siblings, although I believe this has not been explicitly confirmed.
However, even if we don't have Eliatrope dragons, we can have other types of dragons. Its mechanics could revolve around shapeshifting into mobs or other classes. I think it would be really interesting to have a shapeshifter class available in the World of Twelve.
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