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ALPHA 0.10 - Feedback & Impressions

Par [Ankama]WAVEN - ANKAMA - 13 Décembre 2022 - 13:00:41
Welcome in the Open Alpha 0.10 of WAVEN!

We value your opinion and would like to hear more about your game experience in WAVEN's waters.

By sharing your feedback and impressions, you'll help the WAVEN team know what you think of the game's current update.

Enjoy this alpha version, castaways!
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Hallo castaways,

Tracking and reporting bugs are a very important aspect of improving your game experience and better WAVEN's content.

It is also important to have a centralize place to do so, which is why we do have this Bugs Subforum which allows your reports to be better seen.

Enjoy your adventure in WAVEN!
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Hallo castaways,

Tracking and reporting bugs are a very important aspect of improving your game experience and better WAVEN's content.

It is also important to have a centralize place to do so, which is why we do have this Bugs Subforum which allows your reports to be better seen.

Enjoy your adventure in WAVEN!
Score : 1
When i try to start waven from the launcher i get a "Please start the game directly in the Ankama Launcher"....but I am starting it from the launcher as far as i know.... i don't know what to do. 
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Score : 1
I want to know what's the point on giving chest reward to player by diverse reason, if it's unrewarding as this.
Chest lvl means absolutely nothing giving that a chest lvl 4 and a chest lvl 20 gives each one choices of rewards that gives only one amount. Why not gives the chest lvl the exact same amount of skills or equipments or whatever as a choices. It woulds gives us  (players), so much more reason to hunt down chest rewards so that we don't starve of cards from skills or anything we want, and not being lvl 20 with skills lvl 5 or less, rings lvl 5 or less, and allies lvl 5 or less. I think it would be a great touch giving the amount of rewards we get from combat alone.

Thx for reading this post, i hope i was clear about what the topic is.
I hope Waven become the greatest new game of ankama because i'm having so much fun heaven tho some stuff need a little clean touch on them.
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Score : 264
You are kama-starving us. We need potions and ability to dissemle stuff. How are we supposed to stress test various builds if you forced us to stick to one character/build, because we earn too little to branch out.
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Score : 1
I think the biggest issue i have is with the spells.
when you have multiple characters and exhausted the initial gains your subsequent characters suffer when it comes to building decks.

I started an Iop class yesterday and pushed it close to 30 and i still have single digit level skills that really make me suffer in terms of fights and damage output.
when you can buy rings/armbands and even companions from shops why not skills too?

I'd either suggest a new currency that's produced from disassembling unwanted skills or just give Kama and make skills buyable with that in some shop.

other then the issue with skills my only other issue would be those token upgrade mats for equipment and companions etc... i see those becoming a big issue after exhausting the 1st clear rewards.

This is one thing i feel like Repeatable quests or a guaranteed amount each time you open a certain chest (maybe increase the amount as the chest level grows) might help with that.
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Score : 127
Well, the game have a lot of space for improvement, so i gonna start pointing the good a bad things:

1. The game is a lot of grinding: This is not a bad nor a good thing honeslty, someone would like it other would not, now about the item and gear as the drops/chest doesnt help you since its quite random, but havingthe store npc helps you to get the things faster, but it would be good to have skills on the npc so you can level theses one too.

2. Challenge system not shared: This was a big NOPE, its not healthy to steal the challenge on a group, the thing is to both get the same shared rewards otherwise party will be not a thing because of this.

3. Chat system: This is lacking on the game, is not possible to have a chat per region only, add a global chat so everything can chat, its feels the game quite death otherwise

4. Rebalance the gear: some gear feel more impactful even with a lower rarity, some of the same rarity are stupidly IMBA or underwelming (eg: Borebone ring vs howtz, heal x hit vs a flat amount of AR).

5. RQ system should give some rewards since otherwise there's no point to get them (unless you guys are planing another stuff to this, like bonta that you needed an amount of RQ)

6. guid system its a must, ppl like to have interactions.
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Score : 99
This is my totally subjective feedback on the game after playing less than 10 hours and how I feel about different things.

 What I didn't like.

1. It's hard to get in-game detailed information on how effects, passive etc work.

2. The mobile like ways to see the tooltips of effects is frustrating. I wish it would just let me click what I want to open. I guess it's to somewhat unify the user interface with the future mobile version of the game.

3. My summons tend to not survive their first turn, they're really fun to play but I wish they wouldn't die so fast.

4. I couldn't view my passive outside of fights and champ creation.

5. I've lost more dungeons than I completed and I had to restart from 0 and that wasn't fun.

6. Fights feel a bit long. Especially the side quest where I had to find the right order to kill the monsters else they would respawn.

7. Spells are very hard to improve.

8. The rogue-like improves when leveling up are gone.

9. No way to reroll the currencies used in spells etc.

What I loved.

1. The aestetics of the game are amazing, the music too and the atmosphere was overall very chill.

2. Being able to enjoy the game after just a few dozen minutes, having already unlocked fun synergiess.

3. Dragon pig dungeon is amazing and the music is  S tier.

4. The colorful areas are very relaxing, I loved that a lot. I tend to not play games with grim atmosphere

5. I love the map and the moving ship, they feel amazing

6. The variety of possible play styles is.. amazing and I guess much more is coming!

7. Gobbal island looks good, definitely one of my favorites.

8. Amakna theme is my favorite by far, already in wakfu and dofus, alway has been. Brakmar is the worst, it's dark and depressing.

9. Items have interesting effects and I wish we could pin the description.

10. The async pvp was 100% the best of any similar type of pvp I've seen in other games, the custom rules are fun. Good job on that.

11. The chests are fun fun fun, they're good.

12. I hated the compagnon system in dofus because it forced us to play their turn. I love that I can choose if I want to summon them or not here. It would also be nice to have some automation, to be able to chill a bit in some fights.

13. It feels casual gamer friendly and I love that.

14. Overall I love this game and am loooking forward to play the beta.

As for the amount of money I'd be ready to put in a game like this: I'd buy hero skins, possibly the monthly pass. Wouldn't buy the chests to level up my spells, I guess that's the future business model.

If skins are original and cool, I'll buy some.
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Score : 264
You can view your class passive in your character screen. It should be pointed out propably, but if you hove your mouse over the class-crest sitting between your HP/AT and CRIT/MP it will tell you what your passive is.
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Score : 44
Hello. I don't know if it's a good channel to post this but, please : It would be pretty good to add a function to see wich ennemies we are going to face in each fight before the fight.
It's boring for daily quest to launch a fight, see that there is no mob you have to slay, relaunch another fight, see that here too, no mob you have to slay, etc
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Score : 19
it would be nice to pay action points to draw one more card per turn, like 6 AP for one more card. combos disappear through the match because you can only draw one card.
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Score : 16
Hello first time posting on the forum becouse i think this game will be very good so i'll try to give some usefull feedback.
i'll say a lot of negatives becouse they are easier to pin point but as i said i'm enjoing the game a lot:

1) Troughout all the game i found the gatekeeping for upgrading the stuff was the kamas, even with a +20% kama gain from companion rouel perk and i was bringing him on in all builds even when not needed, kamas were the first resource to finish, the dailys were very good resources bringers especcially the tokens taking away a bit of the heavy rng looting, there was only a need to wait for the items to rotate to the shop where you had currency, but again the kamas were scarce.

2) Let me categorize some different kind of builds, there are the hero's attack focused builds, the aura focused builds, the mono or bi element spell builds, the companion heavy builds. Since attack and auras level up automatically with your character they are the easiest to be effective at start since is more forgiven for falling behind with the gear, the elementals spell builds on the contrary needs a lot of gear to be effective and probably of higher rarity too, to finish up the companions focused builds require good gear and to level up companions too so is even harder.
If you balance in a way that even with these problems the varios tipes of builds will be effective while leveling up it means that when you have all the gear at max level the varios builds will have big differences of strenght, so easier start attack-auras-element-companions but strongest potential companions- element-auras-attack. A nightmare to balance at the end game, where i hope the game will still be a challenge to win dungeons and bosses.

3) A couple of specific problems. 5 Gauge mono element companions that reduce the cose of 1 pa the spells of their element with the perk when they attack to reduce 1 more too strong. The mono element rings that give 20% or 25% with the perk to activate on their element spell usage that reduce the varios cost in pa of spells in hand or makes you draw are so strong you want them even in bi elements builds. the legendary armbands are both almost obsolete with the others less rare choiches

4) When playing in group the single challenges just feels bad and i missed the coop ones 

5) The rewards for asynchronous arena and pvp are extremely underwhelming if you dont want to go for the high ranks, and it descourage people that are not trying to get there to not even put time to try every now and then, maybe having some dailys of some sort in there would help otherwise at that point just take out rewards and make it all about glory

Now talking about the good, even about the problems i listed i feel most of it is about the balancing, like the mono element rings 20% 25% while they are very strong i feel they are very fun and makes builds flow very interesting.
I feel you will just need to make advancing in gear, spells, and companions a bit more easier, with this i mean you should be able to level all of them at the same time no matter what you are using and what is more important for your build, so you can balance the class taking in account his final form.
The most fun addiction i felt was the rare armband wich increase your attack by5% every time you attack, but hard to put against a rebound/explosion trigger honestly.
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Score : 29
Would it be possible for us to have a option to turn off passives the we bought for items? We only have one copy of them now and some passives are extremely good for certain builds like having extra spells for example but very bad for others that want to have the least amount of spells possible so you can cycle through your deck faster and that would be easily fix if you had the option to have it On or Off.

Now that the Ap Reserve is individual and the Companion Gauge too could we get a party queue for dungeons/dailies/quests? Before I could understand that being a bit difficult with people fighting over the ap/companions but now that is individual and with the game receiving more and more islands/cities it would be great to keep improving ways for people to group to for different activities
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Score : 16
Hello, Waven alpha 0.10 was my first because it was first one in english. I hope next ones will be too smile Short background: Im old dofus and wakfu player, had max lvl in both and did most of the content. My feedback (only about PvE, i dont play PvP):

- very good visuals and audio. First Ankama game with good combat feedback!
- Work very well and not buggy, which again is quite rare for Ankama. My only problem was sometimes you couldnt click through chest opening animation (or you had to click multiple times), thats very minor issue.
- nice weapon/class design, i liked most of the passives.

BIGGEST PROBLEM (IMO) is complete lack of motivation to progress after about lvl 30. Game is more or less modeled after typical mobile gacha, but with any other gacha theres always something to work toward and new things can change your playstyle. In waven, after you play a bit with a deck and optimize it, theres no reason to change it EVER. I had a lot of fun with the game, but i feel that I would lose all motivation to play after like 1 more month, just because theres nothing than can make you think again about strategy. Another reason for this problem is also fact that you never have to change deck/optimize strategy for different enemy type/bosses. You just play one deck all the time and never change it. There should always be something new to work towards and new things you can get that change your strategy/deck. Maybe currently locked item slots will fix it.
- not enough variety in content, almost everything is just normal fight. There should be fights that make you change strategy or class for example: fights where you have to move enemies a lot, fight where you have to heal a lot, or move around map, or stack armor etc. Also maps with different size and shapes would be nice, maybe also some stuff blocking movement/LoS.
- Theres too much dmg coming from item effects, main example geyser or explosion/rebound. Your class and deck should define your playstyle, not items you wear. For example now if you play typical scalpel eni with water/fire deck and geyser ring, after trying other class the best way is to still play fire/water path with geyser ring, just because it is so strong. Because of this a lot of classess feel very similar. You shoudnt be "geyser eni" or "explosion iop", you should be "fire eni" or "charge iop" and effects like explosions or geysers should be small bonus and be low% of your overall performance. Basically move a bit of character power from item effects to actual class spells and combos of spells/class passives. 
- lack of balance. I know this is alpha, but I really hope some items and classes wil be balanced, for example geyser or those -ap cost rings are just too strong compared to other choises. 
- While upgrading companions and items was good, upgrading spells was very boring. Its just farming 130 yellow cards (I dont remember the name) and putting them into +30% dmg, and for some reason they dont carry on to same spell of another class. It would be ok if upgrading spells would be as interesting as upgrading other stuff, so rather than having +30% upgrades you should do something like: dmg rebound to 1 different target, apply immobilize, reduce damage of next attack etc.
- game is too "frontloaded". I was a bit overwhelmed after tutorial because you suddenly get spells from all elements and all those islands. Imo it should be gated a bit (for example new element unlocked every 5 levels?) so it isnt so overwhelming.
- companions feels very weak, they usually die after 1 turn. Either change AI so they dont focus them so hard or buff base companion hp so they can at least survive 2 turns. Maybe its a problem because your character is usually much higher lvl than your companions.
- Desync of character level and item/spell level. By reading others people opinion I see it fixes itself at lvl 60-70, but it shouldn't be a problem before that. Possible fix: change spells that you get from leveling up from [pick 1 from 4] to [pick 2 from 8], or maybe lower speed of leveling at lower lvls.
- no idea how, but "anti-game" strategies like remaking easy fights until you get challange with good rewards should be fixed.
- RQ (or was it PQ?) seems quite useless. For now you only care about it at start to unlock pvp and Bonta, but then you realize bonta is just more of the same you already do. Maybe add some sort of "battle pass" where you unlock rewards every ~50 RQ. 
- coop balance, everyone else said enough, its just not worth playing with other people because of crazy scaling and weird challange system.

Minor problems:
- speed up a bit animation of hp value going down, sometimes after using a spell on enemy I had to wait a bit (1-2 seconds) for animation to finish so i can see how much hp left. 
- play order of enemies in UI would be nice
- agony feels bad on sac, please make it linear scale rather than +dmg below 30% hp
- no indicator where you can complete daily quest
- while opening chest, you should be able to see what item you already own and what are "new" for your account.

Overall I had a lot of fun during alpha, and if the game would release in this state i would gladly play it for like 1-2 months. If the balance and progression is fixed then I would play much more smile
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