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skills or complete game in english

Par Emmahhhh#1934 10 Janvier 2022 - 17:17:40

Some news of when it would be at least in English,
not everyone speaks in French, I do not ask that the game be in Spanish,
only English is enough for me

any news?

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The game is still in Alpha. Large changes to gameplay and mechanics should be expected. Spending time translating content that may be changed or removed later is a waste of resources. I would guess that localization will start late into the Beta version.

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agree, seeing how Alpha 0,10 is also for International

There should be at least English section in the forum for International players to communicate and share bugs.

I understand that previously there's none because the Alpha was only dedicated for French community / players, but 0,10 is open for the rest of the world, so might as well add a sub English forum for us. smile

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