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WAVEN – Early Access Lifts Anchor on August 16!

By [Ankama]WAVEN - ANKAMA - July 19, 2023, 17:00:00

Dive into a unique and colorful world where challenge and adventure awaits you at every turn starting on August 16 in WAVEN's free early access phase.

"In a flooded world where only a few islands have survived the rising waters, you play a seafaring adventurer searching for answers to this great upheaval. Long ago, gods and dragons ruled the world. Today, magic remains… but what of the mythical beings of yesteryear? At the dawn of a new era, choose your hero, equip your best spells and set sail for an incredible odyssey."

Land Ho, Castaways!

With a free early access period that's open to the public starting August 16, a game experience overflowing with content, strategy and challenges awaits you in WAVEN. A new take on the tactical RPG that's simple, dynamic, fun and immersive is now only a quick boat ride away! Whether you're a fan of tactical gameplay, deckbuilding, or just looking for an original and colorful world to explore, WAVEN offers brisk turn-based combat, multiple game modes, and plenty of secrets to discover… Prepare to set sail for an epic adventure and join the WAVEN community!

What Is WAVEN's Early Access Phase?

Early access involves putting an early version of a game online while it is still under development. The goal is to get your feedback (suggestions, bug reports, comments, etc.) to refine and improve WAVEN before its official release, currently scheduled for late 2023. Early access is an opportunity to actively contribute to the game's evolution and its development process.

The early-access version of WAVEN will be incomplete, and its content may be subject to change before the official release. After that, WAVEN will continue to evolve with new content, patches, etc.

Content in the Early Access Version of WAVEN

Play as one of the 25 heroes currently available, grouped into 5 classes (Cra, Eniripsa, Iop, Sram and Xelor)…

To write your legend, choose your character from a set of 25 heroes, each with a unique strategic approach and specific gameplay mechanics, passives and skills to let every player develop their own preferred gameplay style.

With the simplified hero selection interface, jump right into the action by choosing your starting character based on the archetypes you know and love from the RPG genre (archer, warrior, healer, assassin and mage).

Begin your initiation with a tutorial guided by Goultard!

Once you've selected your hero, the legendary Goultard will guide you through the tutorial island, the "Shushued Rift", to forge your first weapons and introduce you to the basic combat mechanics in fights against terrifying Shushus. The Goultard tutorial has been improved to provide a more immersive learning experience and help familiarize you more quickly with the subtleties of tactical combat!

Prepare for the epic adventure ahead…

Sail off to new horizons and explore different archipelagos!

The island nation of Astrub will be your first port of call, where you'll take on your first introductory quests and start accumulating points to unlock the archipelagos of Amakna,* Bonta and Brakmar. Explore their magnificent landscapes and discover their many secrets, meet local residents to learn more about the history of the World of Twelve in the WAVEN era, complete their thirteen quests to obtain useful rewards for your deck, and even pause for a moment to immerse yourself in one of the island nations' exclusive concerts…

* The island nation of Amakna will be inaccessible during WAVEN's early access phase. However, its monster islands (Gobballs, Taurs, Tofus) can be unlocked and accessed by boat.

In addition to the introductory side quests, which have been updated to simplify your introduction to combat mechanics and better prepare you for the epic adventure that lies ahead, Astrub also offers two exclusive quests known as "clan quests", forming initial narrative threads that serve as a prologue to WAVEN's main storyline.* The entire game is dubbed in both English and French for a completely immersive experience.

* The main storyline will be revealed when the game is officially released at the end of the year.

Challenges Abound in WAVEN…

Dominate the Monster Islands…

The three archipelagos of Amakna, Bonta and Brakmar are each surrounded by three monster islands, and represent the last remaining vestiges of the former World of Twelve, now almost completely submerged under the waves.

Each island is controlled by a monster family with its own unique designs, challenges and dungeons. Land on these islands, face their challenges and level up your heroes! Obtain new equipment, spells and companions to build ever more powerful characters, and fine-tune your strategy while optimizing your deckbuilding.

…Or Be Dominated!

Add extra difficulty to your dungeon fights and enrich your strategic experience with brooches! Invite monarchs and elite monsters to the enemy team to add a bit of spice to your adventure. If you rise to their challenges, you can earn Wakfu that you can use to unlock special chests with exclusive rewards.

The Shushu Is in the Details

Enigmatic prisms are scattered in hidden locations on the various monster islands. These prisms hold special, rare rewards. Explore, find them, and collect them all to become an illustrious explorer of WAVEN's islands!

Level Up Your Heroes and Their Skills…

Each time you level up, assign skill points to your stats, class spells, hero spells or passive modifiers. Customize and optimize your character for maximum synergy with your ever-expanding deck! Reach the maximum level (level 50) to unlock your hero's full power and potential.

And track their progress in the World of Twelve!

Track your ongoing quests, discover unlockable achievements and the associated rewards, and measure all your accomplishments throughout your journey with your Logbook. Plus, in exchange for quest points, you can unlock all-new cosmetic items for your haven island, ship, and more!

There's Greater Glory in Numbers

Prepare to take on even more thrilling challenges when you tackle WAVEN's different quests with a group. Form groups of up to 3 players with your friends or other castaways, and battle your way to cooperative victories to earn additional rewards. Each fight offers a group challenge, for which victory or failure will impact your entire party.

Legends are never written alone…

Face Off Against the Toughest Castaways

The "Kolossium" PvP island welcomes all players looking to put their deckbuilding and tactical skills to the test in one-on-one battles. In the arena, all heroes are level 1, no equipment is available, and all spells and companions are unlocked, so you'll have to rely on strategy and careful planning to emerge victorious!

Save Your Progress Wherever Your Odyssey Takes You!

Continue your adventure right where you left off, whether on PC or Mac, with Ankama Launcher or Steam – and soon on mobile devices and tablets too, when the game is officially released at the end of this year. Your progress will be saved* from this early access phase, and you'll keep it even after WAVEN's official release!

* If required by exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to perform a server reset or rollback.


Dive into the Deep End

Keep up with all the latest WAVEN news and prepare for an all-new adventure in the fabulous Krosmoz universe! The World of Twelve needs heroes…

Be Part of the Legend!

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Sacriers won't be available on EA?
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It doesn't appear so, they weren't available in the demo either.
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I'm so excited!
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This was fun.
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Hi ! At what time will it be available today 16.08.23?

Thanks smile
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I would like to know what time the server will open.
Eu gostaria de saber a hora que vai abrir o server.

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17h les ami(e)s
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less than 2H!
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